Board of Appeals and Requests for Variances

Fire Board of Appeals is a comprehensive committee of five business professionals who are dedicated to the Williamson County ESD 5 requirements as outlined in 2015 IFC Appendix A (Board of Appeals) (The City of Jarrell still uses the 2012 IFC.) The requisite members serve four (2) year terms and contain representation of the following industries and capabilities:

  • Design Professional (A101.2.1)
  • Fire Protection Engineering Professional (A101.2.2)
  • Industrial Safety Professional (A101.2.3)
  • General Contractor (A101.2.4)
  • General Industry or Business Representative (A101.2.5)

A board of appeals shall be established within the jurisdiction for the purpose of hearing applications for modification of the requirements of the International Fire Code pursuant to the provisions of Section 108 of the International Fire Code. The board shall be established and operated in accordance with this section, and shall be authorized to hear evidence from appellants and the fire code official pertaining to the application and intent of this code for the purpose of issuing orders pursuant to these provisions.


To ensure publication of the meeting and allow the Board adequate time to review all submittals, the deadline for application is two weeks prior to the meeting.  This will be strictly enforced.

GRIEVANCE (Person is Aggrieved)

  • A person is disagreement with a fire code violation resulting from a plan review or inspection finding.
  • If discussion of violation with the plan review or inspector does not yield a solution, it shall be discussed with the Fire Chief

CONTACT SUPERVISOR (Meet with Supervisor)

  • Aggrieved person shall meet with the inspector’s supervisor to attempt to resolve the code dispute.
  • If a resolution still cannot be reached, they may appeal the decision to the Board of Appeals


  • Submit an application a minimum of two weeks prior to the hearing.
  • Application is vetted through an administrative profess.
  • If accepted, application will be placed on the agenda, and the Applicant notified via phone call. Hearing are as soon as required or requested at Williamson ESD 5 EOC rm at 6:00pm.

DAY OF HEARING (Hearing Procedure: First Tuesday of each month as permitted or requested.)

  • Presentation and rebuttal by Fire Department and Applicant
  • Chair of Board may place a time limit on presentations.
  • Variance is ruled on; approval is by an affirmative vote by a majority (but not less than 3 in favor)

Board Decision (Board Decision)

  • Every decision is promptly filed in writing at the authority having jurisdiction Fire Marshal Office.

AFTER HEARING (Appeals to Board of Appeals Ruling)

  • Any appeals to decision must be filed to the Williamson County Judicial Court